President's Message
As I take on the presidency of the Federated Blocks of Laurelton, for the next two years, the new executive board and I hope to maintain the high standard and exceed our vision of Laurelton.
  • Improve the beautification of Laurelton. Have more mall curbs installed, have the Parks Department do a better job of keeping Merrick Blvd. clean and our merchants on Merrick Blvd. and surrounding area, doing their job.
  • Work with Police Department and the Eastern Queens Alliance to bring programs to the Laurelton Library for our youth.  (Such a program is very close to being finalized)
  • Working closely with the 105th Pct. Inspector to bring down crime and have safer streets for the youth, seniors and all residents of the Laurelton community.
  • Removing illegal advertisement posters in the neighborhood.
As your twelfth President, I know we have a lot to continue working on and I am convinced we have what it takes to continue building and maintaining a stronger, better and more beautiful community. Come out the first Thursday of every month and voice what you would like the F.B.O.L to do next.
Robert Glover
Motto & Vision Statement

"Together We Can"


To see Merrick Boulevard become a commercial strip that reflects the charter of the homes in the community.

Mission Statement

We, the people of the Laurelton of the Borough of Queens, New York united by the common goal of maintaining a stable, attractive, desirable and safe community.