Quality of Life/ Environmental 



Recommend ways to maintain and improve the appearance of Laurelton.  Work closely with blocks to develop programs.  Work closely with crime prevention agencies on issues related to the quality of life, sanitation and pollution control in the local community.



Crime/ Public Safety


Work closely with the 105th Precinct of New York City Police Department to deliver service to improve the safety of the community. 




Keep abreast of all education issues.  Maintain contact with the local school and other education institutions. Represent the Organization's position and policies at Board of Education hearings, PA's and PTA's meeting within the organization boundaries. 



Publicity and Publications

Publicize all activities utilizing all news media outlets.  The editorial committee will produce and distribute Organization Newsletter.

Community Outreach

An outreach team from NY Presbyterian Hospital spoke with residents on the importance of getting checked for Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. The response from the" men" at the meeting was astounding. The men all opened up about their feelings, several men gave testimonies re their diagnosis and treatment. It was a real sharing of information.Perhaps the fact that the setting was not exam related they felt empowered to speak.

Upcoming Events


Monthly Meetings


Theta Chi Chapter Headquarters

219-03 Merrick Blvd

Laurelton, NY 11413


1st Thursday of the month at 7 PM